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Genius Exit is a timeshare exit organization located in West Hollywood, California. Genius Law, situated in the more noteworthy Los Angeles region, is the parent company.

The organization gives off an impression of being a joint exertion fundamentally between the establishing lawyer of Genius Law, Adela Ulloa, and lawyer Austin Shufelt. The previous’ law office is referred to on the organization’s Open Corporates page as the building up specialist.

If you’re looking for a fair and honest review of Genius Exit, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has written a detailed review of the company, filled with many pros and cons. Our goal is to give our readers better insight into how Genius Exit and other timeshare exit companies work. And there are a couple of things we believe every timeshare owner should know. To learn more, initiate a Live Chat, or fill out our free consultation form on the right. We’ll help you select the best option ideal for your timeshare situation.

The site for Genius Exit is professional and clean looking, very simple to explore. The company gives broad data about the most common way of exiting a timeshare. They make their process sound very straightforward.

The ‘Who We Are’ page mentions they have lawyers Adela Ulloa and Austin Shufelt and Director of Resolutions Diane Cassidy, who was initially a staff part with Ulloa’s law firm. It likewise incorporates data about Genius Law’s principal practice regions. A company founded by lawyers that work with cancelling timeshares does sound pretty reliable.

Genius Exit puts an emphasis on their legitimateness and straightforwardness on most of their site. There is, exactly as expected, a whole page devoted to their process under Genius Exit Difference drop-down menu. They additionally give a fascinating examination page where you can compare Exit Companies under Genius Exit Difference. The principal data here that you may discover supportive is the overall time span that they take with timeshare exits — nine months. They likewise note a couple other timeshare companies that have been sued as a scam or for misrepresentation, which is something you would presumably discover accommodating while you research which organization you need to work with over the long haul.

As we’ve expounded on beforehand, working with a lawyer or lawful firm to exit your timeshare is the most legitimate way to exit a timeshare. However, it commonly will run you a greater expense, particularly in the event that you owe a mortgage balance on the timeshare. Furthermore, it will no doubt be a more secure measure, so it can require additional time and effort from you.

Hiring Genius Exit would likely place you in close contact with somebody who has legitimate information about property possession and debt cancellation. Yet, as always, we still recommend you do your due diligence on them. As well as any exit company in the cancellation industry.

All things considered, on the off chance that you have alternatives, working with a lawyer or lawyer run organization may be the most ideal way forward for your circumstance. But you should still never pay up-front fees for any service.

Our team recommends working with companies that provide escrow so you stay protected from a timeshare scam. Some companies do have secure financial assets to back up their 100% Money-Back Guarantee. But why take the risk when you can hire a reputable exit company that offers escrow? 

Genius Exit Cost

We didn’t discover information about any Genius Exit costs online. They do offer free consultations, and like numerous other timeshare exit companies, guarantee a full refund. But having a 100% Money-Back Guarantee during your timeshare cancellation isn’t necessarily the safest option.

The company then states they can offer you a free, no-obligation consultation so that, together, you can find the best options for you. In other words, they will try to see how much money they can get out of you before taking on your case on.

As we’ve noted somewhere else, we commonly don’t suggest going with a timeshare exit organization exclusively on this premise, as it infers that you will still need to pay up-front fees. It is much better for you to work with an organization that utilizes escrow for installments all things being equal. You can learn more about why escrow is significant on this page.

We always recommend you haggle the price when you talk to any timeshare exit company. If the cost goes above the average price range of $3,000-$7,000, we suggest you contact a different timeshare exit company.

Genius Exit Ratings

Update September 2021: There are very few reviews for Genius Exit and they are not on the Better Business Bureau. This is probably because they have not been around for over a half year.

Genius Law does have a few reviews on TrustPilot. A portion of these reviews address working with Genius Exit. For the most part, the input is positive, and illustrates a clear and consistent interaction in taking care of cases.

To the extent the lawyers’ experiences go, we had the option to track down a couple of reviews about Adela Ulloa, just at her previous firm. The Law Offices of Adela Z. Ulloa, APC. Ulloa has an excellent rating of 7.0 on Avvo, with a few positive reviews on Google and Yelp. Austin Shufelt unfortunately doesn’t have too many reviews. However we found that he has a decent score of 6.1 on Avvo also.

Our team at MyTER has carefully reviewed Genius Exit and has assessed them a 3.0/5.0 MyTER Rating. The reasoning behind this rating is the company lacks customer reviews, and they charge up-front. Genius Exit is also not on the BBB. Wouldn’t you want to know the company you are working with has a strong presence online?

Below are a few Genius Law reviews from past customers on TrustPilot:

Final Thoughts

While Genius Exit seems, by all accounts, to be an expert activity, we would propose being cautious prior to deciding to work with them. Their upfront fees put the owner in a very vulnerable position. Having a staff with lawful experience is surely a significant help to any timeshare exit, and they most certainly appear to have given strong outcomes before. But it can likewise set you back much more cash over the long haul to go this course. That is why you want to hire the group who can cancel your timeshare properly the first try!

In case you are in the more noteworthy Los Angeles region and attempting to drop a timeshare, they could be an organization to remember. Yet, all things considered, in case you are thinking about working with Genius Exit, we recommend reaching out to us first. That way, we can help you determine your available options.

Remember that there are a few timeshare exit companies that don’t charge up-front fees and are more reputable. We’d urge you to examine our list of exit companies we’ve reviewed to perceive what different alternatives you have. On the off chance that you have further inquiries regarding any of these companies, or whatever else identified with cancelling your timeshare, initiate a Live Chat, or fill the form on the right side of the page. We can find you the right timeshare exit company ideal for your situation at no cost.