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Table of Contents

01. Company Overview Georgia Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2015

02. Services Offered  Timeshare Liquidation, Contract Cancelation, and Financing Options

03. External Recognition and Reviews – Currently not BBB Accredited and Lack of Online Customer Reviews

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Friendly Advice Consulting’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Friendly Advice Consulting, a company based in Savannah, Georgia, specializes in providing assistance to individuals looking to exit their timeshare contracts. In a market where deceptive practices and complex agreements are not uncommon, Friendly Advice Consulting positions itself as a beacon of hope for those caught in difficult timeshare situations.

━ Friendly Advice Consulting Company Overview

Friendly Advice Consulting actively assists consumers who feel misrepresented in their timeshare purchases. The company, recognizing the complex nature of canceling timeshare contracts, provides comprehensive support to simplify this process. Its team collaborates closely with clients, offering guidance, coaching, and mentorship throughout the timeshare cancellation journey. This proactive approach helps prevent clients from feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of timeshare cancellation.

The company’s team, possessing diverse experience, handles a wide range of client cases. Friendly Advice Consulting values each client relationship deeply and ensures that every engagement benefits from the team’s extensive expertise. Committed to delivering top-notch support, the company approaches each case with integrity, advocacy, and a deep understanding of client needs. Their dedication to defending clients’ rights forms the foundation of their service ethos.


This exit company offers personalized solutions tailored to the individual needs of timeshare owners. Whether clients fully own their timeshare or are still paying off a mortgage, the company provides targeted assistance. A significant aspect of their service focuses on addressing deceptive practices used by timeshare sales staff during the sales presentation, a common issue many timeshare owners face. The company aims to enlighten timeshare owners about the options available to them, especially for those who feel misled during the purchase or upgrade of their timeshare.

The distinguishing factor of Friendly Advice Consulting lies in the dedication and integrity of their senior management team. With years of experience in the timeshare industry, the team not only brings expertise but also a committed dedication to combating common timeshare scams and fraudulent practices within the industry. This commitment to ethical practices and consumer protection is a defining feature of Friendly Advice Consulting‘s approach to timeshare cancellation.

━ Services Offered

Friendly Advice Consulting tailors its services to meet the unique needs of timeshare owners. The company demonstrates its commitment to providing personalized solutions for various client situations through its range of services. For those seeking a simple way to dispose of their timeshare, this company offers straightforward liquidation services. Alternatively, for clients who feel misled by sales tactics, the company provides more complex contract cancellation services. This variety in services underscores their aim to offer effective resolutions for different timeshare issues. Additionally, the introduction of financing options reflects Friendly Advice Consulting‘s awareness of the diverse financial situations faced by their clientele, further highlighting their client-centric approach.

➤ Straight Liquidation

For clients who no longer utilize their timeshare and whose families are also not interested in inheriting or using it, this company offers a “Straight Liquidation” service. This option is ideal for a quick resolution, but it comes with specific requirements:

The maintenance fees associated with the timeshare must be current.
The timeshare contract must be fully paid off.
The company guarantees the work under this service, and the process typically takes about 5 months to complete.

➤ Contract Cancellation

This service targets clients who believe they were subjected to deceptive sales tactics during the purchase or upgrade of their timeshare. Friendly Advice Consulting outlines three different courses of action for clients in this situation. It’s a more involved process, which can take anywhere from 9 to 12 months to complete. Like their other services, this work is also guaranteed, providing clients with a sense of security and assurance.

➤ Financing Available

Recognizing that financial barriers might hinder some clients from exiting their timeshare contracts, this company has created financing options. These options aim to help clients begin the timeshare exit process. The company’s retained attorneys contribute to this effort, ensuring that the financial solutions are customized to meet each client’s unique needs. Friendly Advice Consulting invites interested individuals to contact them directly for comprehensive information about these financing options.

━ Friendly Advice Consulting External Recognition and Reviews

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), renowned for rating businesses on customer satisfaction and ethical practices, has not accredited Friendly Advice Consulting. Additionally, the company’s BBB profile shows no customer reviews or complaints. The lack of information on a widely used platform like the BBB, typically consulted by consumers to verify business credibility, indicates that public feedback about Friendly Advice Consulting is limited.

➤ Importance of Personal Research

Given the lack of external feedback and accreditation from the BBB, it is particularly important for prospective clients of Friendly Advice Consulting to conduct their own comprehensive research. This should include:

Seeking Direct Client Feedback: Potential clients might consider looking for reviews or testimonials from past clients of Friendly Advice Consulting through other online platforms or forums where timeshare owners might share their experiences.

Evaluating Company Claims: Scrutinizing the claims made by Friendly Advice Consulting on their website or promotional materials is crucial. This includes assessing their guarantees, the timelines they provide for their services, and the specific nature of their offerings.

Consulting Industry Experts: Getting opinions from independent industry experts or legal professionals who understand the timeshare market can provide additional insights into the credibility and effectiveness of Friendly Advice Consulting’s services.

Comparing with Competitors: Comparing Friendly Advice Consulting’s services, guarantees, and client handling with those of other firms in the timeshare cancellation industry can offer a broader perspective and help in making an informed decision.

Contacting the Company Directly: Engaging in a direct conversation with representatives from Friendly Advice Consulting can also be enlightening. Prospective clients can ask specific questions about the process, seek clarity on fees and guarantees, and gauge the company’s customer service quality.

The absence of external reviews and accreditation for Friendly Advice Consulting highlights the need for potential clients to undertake a detailed and careful evaluation of the company before proceeding with their services. While this lack of information does not necessarily imply a negative assessment of the company, it does underscore the importance of due diligence in ensuring that their services align with the client’s needs and expectations.

━ Closing Thoughts

Friendly Advice Consulting, positioning itself as a committed and client-focused firm in the timeshare exit industry, nonetheless faces the challenge of having no external reviews or accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This situation calls for caution from individuals considering their services. It is essential for potential clients to engage in comprehensive research, including direct consultations, to gain a full understanding of the services and potential outcomes of working with the company.

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