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Table of Contents

01. About Fidelity Resource Management – Alabama Based Timeshare Exit Company

02. Tailored Solutions for Timeshare Cancellation Offers Mexico Timeshare Cancellations and Free E-Book

03. Customer Experiences – BBB Accredited and Generally Positive Online Client Feedback

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Fidelity Resource Management SNS & Overall Rating Review

Within the dynamic realm of timeshare ownership, the journey through the intricate maze of cancellation processes can frequently appear dauntingly insurmountable. However, transitioning into this scenario, Fidelity Resource Management, LLC emerges as a guiding light for countless individuals striving to liberate themselves from the confines of timeshare agreements. Nestled in the idyllic setting of Fairhope, Alabama, Fidelity has successfully etched a notable presence in the timeshare cancellation sector since its foundation in 1999. Moreover, their geographical charm is complemented by a commendable BBB A-Plus Rating, underscoring Fidelity‘s unwavering commitment to ethical standards and a client-centric approach.

━ About Fidelity Resource Management

The genesis of Fidelity Resource Management traces back to a rich heritage of expertise in the timeshare sector, with senior management boasting a wellspring of experience dating back to 1982. This deep-rooted knowledge spans critical areas such as collections and marketing, positioning Fidelity as a leader in the timeshare exit strategy domain. Central to their operation is a robust national network of seasoned timeshare attorneys. Moreover, this network ensures the effective and efficient cancellation of timeshare liabilities for their clients. This service is not merely about ending a contract; rather, it offers a lifeline to those overwhelmed by maintenance fees and mortgage payments. By doing so, it secures a path to financial freedom and peace of mind.

Date of Experience: October 30, 2023 – Heath A. (BBB Review)

While in ******* we purchased a timeshare for $78,000, with monthly payments for 10 years. The closing was recorded, and our signatures were notarized on site. It was extremely fast-paced and high pressure. Once we had time to actually process what had happened, we felt misled by the whole thing and, about 4 months later hired Fidelity Resource Management to get us out, through their contracted Law Firm. We found this process to be a bit frustrating as well, because of the length of time and long periods of inactivity, thinking nothing was being done. The law firm informed us that delaying was part of the resorts strategy, and asked us to be patient. Being thorough, we decided to call the resort, and they told us that they knew nothing about a law firm representing us!Our lawyer disclosed all the letters and filings to us, showing us they had been working on the case, despite the resort’s claims. That’s when we decided we just needed to step back and let them do their job. We finally received the contract cancelation notice after 19 months! Fidelity did an awesome job, and answered all of our questions throughout this frustrating process. We will never sign another contract without a lawyer’s review!

━ Tailored Solutions for Timeshare Cancellation

Fidelity Resource Management‘s approach to timeshare cancellation is meticulously designed to address the unique needs of each client. Their service begins with a free consultation, a gesture that underscores their commitment to understanding the individual circumstances surrounding each timeshare contract. This personalized strategy is not merely about gathering information; it’s about building a formidable case for cancellation that protects the client’s financial interests, particularly their credit score.

Date of Experience: February 8, 2022 – Shana J. (BBB Review)

Vacationed in Florida last summer and bought a timeshare. We actually signed the papers to get out of the high pressure sales pitch and were told if we didn’t agree with the paperwork when we got home we could cancel. The paperwork didn’t match what the salesperson told us and we called to cancel. 3 weeks later we received a letter from the resort saying we were beyond our 10 day right to cancel. Stuck with 10 years of payments and annual fees, we researched for help online. We interviewed several companies and settled on Resort Exit. They gave us plenty of information and we decided to hire their lawyers for help. After 7 month of back and forth with the lawyers, the resort canceled our timeshare. The lawyers charged a fixed fee and we are very satisfied with the company. We recommend their services!

The essence of Fidelity‘s success lies in their exclusive focus on timeshare cancellation. This specialization distinguishes them from timeshare resale or listing services, which often leave owners in limbo. Fidelity‘s promise is clear and compelling: a 100% guarantee on their services. By leveraging experienced attorneys specialized in timeshare contract law, they not only streamline the cancellation process but ensure it’s grounded in solid legal expertise. This approach affords significant savings for their clients and engages top legal talent to navigate the often murky waters of timeshare exits.

━ Customer Experiences

Fidelity‘s commitment to their clients extends beyond mere cancellation. They take a stand against unethical sales practices, providing a much-needed voice for those who may have been misled or coerced into unfavorable contracts. Their support encompasses both domestic and foreign timeshare cancellations, emphasizing a comprehensive legal strategy to confront and resolve disputes. This level of support is indicative of Fidelity’s broader mission: to offer a lifeline to a wide demographic of timeshare owners, from young couples to older owners whose vacation preferences have evolved.

Date of Experience: November 28, 2023 – Shelia A. (BBB Review)

We feel fortunate to have found Fidelity Management for help us get out of our resort contract. They thoroughly reviewed our case and prepared the paperwork for the law firm. Our experience was much like the others posted here. The resort developer used delay tactics at every turn, even with simple correspondence. Thankfully the law firm negotiated a favorable settlement, without having to file a lawsuit. We recommend Fidelity Resource to anyone needing help with their resort contract!

━ Closing Thoughts

Fidelity Resource Management doesn’t merely act as a service provider; instead, it transitions into a vital partner guiding individuals on their path to timeshare freedom. Significantly, their combination of extensive experience, adherence to ethical practices, and a focus on client needs distinctly positions them above others in an industry riddled with hurdles. For individuals ensnared by the burdensome cycle of maintenance fees and in desperate search of an escape, Fidelity transcends the basic offer of cancellation services; they provide a revitalizing opportunity for a fresh start. Furthermore, their unwavering dedication to delivering permanent solutions and their promise of a 100% service guarantee elevate Fidelity to a beacon of integrity and dependability within the timeshare cancellation landscape. Consequently, for those contemplating the benefits that Fidelity brings to the table, initiating the journey by exploring their website at resortexit.com could potentially mark the pivotal first step towards regaining financial autonomy and serenity.

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