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Table of Contents

01. About Exit By Owner – Florida Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2018

02. Customer Reviews and BBB ProfileA BBB Profile Rating, but Mixed Feedback Received

03. Services Offered – Timeshare Contract and Mortgage Cancellation Services with Money Back Guarantee

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Exit By Owner’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Exit By Owner, based in Ormond Beach, Florida, is a timeshare exit company that has been operating since 2018. It claims to offer expert solutions to those looking to exit their timeshare commitments. In this review, we will examine various aspects of Exit By Owner, including its website presentation, customer reviews, and service offerings, to provide a comprehensive overview of the company.

━ About Exit By Owner

Exit By Owner is a company specializing in providing solutions to individuals looking to exit their timeshare commitments. Based in Ormond Beach, Florida, this organization has carved a niche in the timeshare industry, primarily focusing on helping clients disengage from their vacation ownerships.

Date of Experience: 2021 – AS Ford (Google Review)

Very impressed with this company. They did something that I didn’t think would happen. Trying to get out of a timeshare of a major hotel chain seemed impossible. This company helped us and we were successful. Everyone was courtesy and professional. Highly recommend!

At the core of Exit By Owner‘s operations is a client-centered approach. The company places significant emphasis on its clients, ensuring that their needs and concerns are addressed throughout the timeshare exit process. This client-first philosophy is integral to their service delivery, aiming to offer both viable and final solutions to the complex problems often associated with vacation ownership. The strength of Exit By Owner lies in its team, which comprises professionals with extensive experience in the timeshare sector. This depth of knowledge and expertise enables the company to navigate the intricacies of timeshare contracts and provide effective exit strategies.

━ Customer Reviews and BBB Profile

Customer feedback presents a mixed picture. Exit By Owner has a plethora of reviews for a company with a relatively short business history. On the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, it has an average rating of 4.72/5 stars based on 53 reviews but also has 5 complaints closed in the last 3 years. The nature of the complaints or the specifics of the customer dissatisfaction is not detailed in the available information​​.

Date of Experience: October 23, 2021 – Faye H (BBB Review)

It took longer than we expected and it seems like we had to do all of the “foot work”. Don’t get me wrong, they did help us get out of our timeshare but we had to make all the calls checking to find out why it was taking timeshare office so long to get answers. When we first called the timeshare office, they told us they did not have any inform about us wanting to get out of our contract. It was also a bit expensive to have “Exit” to do their part. Barbara did stay in touch with us, mostly telling us what “we” needed to do. So why did we pay them $3,000.00. I think if we had waited and tried to get out o it on our own, if we could get in touch with the right people, we could have done this ourselves without the $3,000.00 cost.

On their own website, there are numerous testimonials praising their service. Customers have commended Exit By Owner for their professionalism, helpfulness, and effectiveness in resolving timeshare issues. These testimonials often highlight the company’s ability to relieve customers from high maintenance fees and the burdens associated with timeshare contracts​​.

━ Services Offered

Exit By Owner provides a structured and client-centric approach to timeshare contract reversal. The company’s process is designed to be transparent and supportive, ensuring clients are guided through each step of the exit process with the assistance of a dedicated case manager and a client support team.

Detailed Step-by-Step Timeshare Contract Reversal Process

➤ Signing Primary Contracts

The process begins with the signing of the primary contracts. These contracts form the legal basis of the service provided by Exit By Owner. After signing, copies of these contracts are provided to the client for their records.

➤ Welcome Call and Information Confirmation

Following the contract signing, clients receive a “welcome aboard!” call from Exit By Owner’s main office. This call, typically on the next business day, is to confirm all essential details like contact information and property specifics. This step also includes informing the client about when their case manager will be contacting them.

➤ Introduction to the Case Manager

The assigned case manager then reaches out to the client. This introduction is a crucial step as the case manager is the primary point of contact for the client throughout the exit process. During this call, the case manager provides secondary documents necessary for completing the timeshare exit process.

➤ Direct Communication with the Case Manager

Clients are instructed to forward all correspondence related to their timeshare to their case manager. This includes any communication from the timeshare property or related entities. The case manager uses this information to negotiate the release of the timeshare property on behalf of the client.

➤ Final Release from the Timeshare Property

Clients eventually receive the final and permanent release of their timeshare property directly from their resort. This step marks the culmination of the timeshare exit process, where legal and financial ties to the timeshare are formally severed.

➤ Post-Exit Relief

The last step in the process is a symbolic one, where clients can live their lives free from the burden of their timeshare. This final stage emphasizes the permanent removal of the timeshare obligations from the client and their family.

Client Support Throughout the Process

A notable aspect of Exit By Owner’s service is the continuous support provided to clients. The assigned case manager and client support team are available to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise during the timeshare exit. This level of client engagement is designed to ensure a smooth, transparent, and effective exit process.

━ Closing Thoughts

Exit By Owner appears to be a mixed bag in terms of its offerings. While the website lacks professionalism in design and clarity, the numerous positive customer testimonials and the BBB rating suggest a level of effectiveness and reliability in their services. However, potential clients should be wary of the unclear pricing structure and the mixed nature of customer feedback. As with any service related to timeshare exits, thorough personal research and consideration of all options are recommended before making a decision.

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