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Table of Contents

01. About Easy Timeshare Relief Idaho Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2009

02. The Timeshare Exit Process 3 Step Cancelation with Free Consultation and No Upfront Fees

03. Customer Feedback – Not BBB Accredited and Mixed Client Reviews on Online Platforms

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Easy Timeshare Relief’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

In the realm of timeshare ownership, the initial allure of vacation properties frequently transitions into a financial and logistical burden. Consequently, Easy Timeshare Relief, stationed in Meridian, Idaho, emerges. Operating as a timeshare exit company, their primary mission revolves around assisting timeshare owners in navigating the intricate journey of legally exiting their timeshare contracts. Furthermore, this review explores the services provided by Easy Timeshare Relief.

About Easy Timeshare Relief

Founded on the principles of integrity and customer-centric service, Easy Timeshare Relief (ETR) reflects the personal journey and professional growth of its founders, Steve and Michelle Cuccia. Initially established in 2009 in Meridian, Idaho, ETR was born out of the founders’ dissatisfaction with the dominant practices within the travel industry. Furthermore, their acute awareness of the widespread dissatisfaction among timeshare owners served as a catalyst for change. Subsequently, this realization led to the development of a business model dedicated to providing a much-needed escape for individuals ensnared in unwanted timeshare agreements.

➤ Our History

Steve and Michelle Cuccia’s journey into the heart of the timeshare exit industry was not direct. Initially representatives in the travel industry, their quest for a business with integrity led them to an affiliate position with Gold Crown Resort (GCR). While hosting travel seminars, they noticed a recurring theme in the feedback: participants were delighted with the alternatives to timeshare ownership presented but lamented their prior commitments to timeshares. This was a lightbulb moment for the Cuccias, highlighting a significant gap in the market for timeshare exit solutions.

Recognizing the need, Steve and Michelle pivoted their focus towards addressing the myriad problems faced by timeshare owners. They dedicated themselves to understanding the nuances of the timeshare industry, forging essential connections, and crafting an exit strategy that prioritized the needs and concerns of timeshare owners.

➤ Our Advantage

The foundation of ETR‘s business model is empathy and understanding. Recognizing that 80% of timeshare owners regret their purchase due to a lack of understanding of the financial commitments, frustration over increasing maintenance fees, and inflexibility in usage, ETR crafted a service that directly addresses these concerns.

ETR‘s approach is straightforward: no upfront fees, a process that is as simple as possible, and a guarantee of results, in writing. This model is a testament to their confidence in their ability to deliver timeshare exits effectively and at the lowest possible cost. It’s a response not just to the financial burden of timeshare ownership but to the emotional and psychological stress it can cause.

➤ The Result

Thanks to their comprehensive industry knowledge and robust business partnerships, ETR offers something unique in the timeshare exit industry: a 100% guarantee of a quick, legal exit from timeshare contracts. This guarantee, coupled with their commitment to transparency and client satisfaction, sets ETR apart. Their service is not just about exiting timeshares; it’s about restoring peace of mind and offering a pathway to financial freedom for their clients.

Steve and Michelle Cuccia created Easy Timeshare Relief with a deep knowledge of the problems with owning a timeshare. They are committed to offering a reliable way out. The success of ETR comes from more than just helping clients leave their timeshares. It’s also about how they do it: with honesty, understanding, and a strong focus on making customers happy.

The Timeshare Exit Process

Easy Timeshare Relief (ETR) delivers a comprehensive and customer-focused approach for exiting timeshare contracts, aiming for a hassle-free and transparent experience. They base their process on understanding the unique circumstances of each client, thus offering a service tailored to meet individual needs effectively. Below is an overview of how ETR simplifies the process, highlighting the simplicity and client-centric approach they employ:

1. Initial Consultation

The journey to timeshare freedom starts with a simple, yet critical, step: reaching out to ETR. Upon contact, ETR schedules a free consultation between the client and their timeshare specialists. This conversation is pivotal as it allows the team to gather essential information about the client’s timeshare situation, including:

  • Purchase details of the timeshare, including when and from whom it was bought.
  • Current status of the mortgage on the timeshare, specifically whether it is fully paid off.
  • Reasons behind the client’s decision to exit the timeshare.

This information gathering is crucial for ETR to understand the client’s specific situation, which varies significantly from one client to another. By focusing on the individual’s unique experience, ETR can tailor their service to meet the client’s specific needs. During this consultation, ETR also discusses their fee structure, ensuring complete transparency about the costs involved and what the client can expect throughout the process.

2. Collecting Necessary Paperwork

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of the client’s situation, ETR proceeds to the collection of crucial documents needed to initiate the timeshare exit process. These documents typically include:

  • A copy of the timeshare deed.
  • The purchase contract of the timeshare.
  • Statements detailing maintenance fees.
  • Bills for any special assessment fees, if applicable.

These documents are then meticulously reviewed by ETR‘s team of professionals, who assess them to devise the best strategy for the client’s particular timeshare exit scenario.

3. Regular Updates and Communication

ETR is proud of its outstanding customer service. This means they always keep clients updated during the process. They send regular updates so clients know how their case is going. This keeps everything clear and gives clients peace of mind. Depending on how complicated the case is, clients might get out of their timeshare in as few as 180 days. When the process is finished, ETR gives clients the documents that show their timeshare is cancelled. This officially ends their timeshare problems.

ETR is committed to assisting individuals in navigating the often complex and stressful process of timeshare cancellation. Their approach is designed to be straightforward, transparent, and tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring that those burdened by unfair timeshare contracts can find relief. ETR’s dedication to providing 100% Timeshare Relief, without resorting to high-pressure sales tactics.

Client Experiences

The testimonials featured on Easy Timeshare Relief’s website serve as a testament to the company’s effectiveness and client-centered approach. These accounts, coming from a diverse range of clients, consistently highlight the company’s professionalism and efficacy in handling timeshare cancellations.

Date of Experience: March 3, 2021 – John B (BBB Review)

Having spent the past 5 years trying to get out of my timeshare and, having wasted money on other ‘companies’ who claimed they could either sell or get me out, I was so relieved to have found Easy Timeshare Relief. We met with them in February 2020 and this February 2021 we received the lawyers letter stating we were out!!!!!! We were kept informed and updated and they met their obligation of 12 months to work through the process. Definitely recommend ETR as the go to option to assist in relieving you of your timeshare.

Date of Experience: January 14, 2022 – Charles Brown Jr. (Trustpilot Review)

Hi my name is Charles Brown Jr. and I used ETR to get out of a Time Share that I had inherited. My rates were raised, and I had to give them a lot of money for upgrades. ETR did a great job helping me get out of it. They were very professional and helpful in helping me. They did an outstanding job, and I would highly recommend them.

Date of Experience: 2023 – Terry Bradshaw (Google Review)

We are going on 3 almost 4 years of working with this company. After we went into the office paid a down-payment. They gave me a person to contact in Florida and who would answer my questions. We got a letter from the time share saying if we didn’t respond in 30 days our timeshare would be canceled. I got a call from Easy Timeshare Relief “Congratulations ” now pay us the rest of the money for all our help! The timeshare was sold to Holiday Inn timeshares and we get letters every month and have for almost 4 years now. And No one will Reply back to my emails anymore from Easy TS RELIEF. I received a letter from the Timeshare that they have and are Suing Easy time share Relief. I’ve reached out again and again No Response.. All this TSR Company did was give me papers, an email address and then send me copies of letters I was to sign and Send Certified mail to my Timeshare. I paid Way too much money For Practically NO HELP!

Clients have told stories about the heavy burdens their timeshares placed on them, both in terms of money and feelings. They say Easy Timeshare Relief gave them the help they needed. The thankfulness in these stories highlights more than just the company’s service. It also shows the emotional support and care the company gives during a tough time. This caring way of helping seems to be a big reason why so many clients are happy with the company.

Closing Thoughts

Easy Timeshare Relief appears to be a reliable and effective solution for those looking to exit their timeshare contracts. The company’s straightforward process, coupled with positive client testimonials, suggests that they are capable of delivering on their promises. However, potential clients should approach with a clear understanding of their personal financial obligations and the specific terms of the money-back guarantee. For those overwhelmed by their timeshare commitments, Easy Timeshare Relief could be a pathway to financial and emotional relief.

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