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Table of Contents

01. About Consumer Consulting Group – Florida Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2019

02. The Services Offered Timeshare Contract Cancellation, Fraud Investigation & Claims Management, Deed Preparation & Transfers, etc.

03. Client Experiences – A- BBB Rating and Overall Positive Online Customer Reviews 

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Consumer Consulting Group’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

In the complex and often opaque world of timeshare exits, Consumer Consulting Group (CCG), based in Orlando, Florida, stands out as a prominent solution provider. Specializing in assisting timeshare owners to navigate the challenging process of contract cancellation, CCG offers a comprehensive array of services aimed at addressing the various facets of timeshare exits. This review aims to shed light on the company’s services, operational ethos, client experiences, and overall effectiveness in helping timeshare owners extricate themselves from binding and often burdensome contracts.

━ About Consumer Consulting Group

Consumer Consulting Group (CCG) positions itself as a noteworthy figure in the timeshare cancellation industry, emphasizing a passion for developing effective exit solutions for their clients. Their commitment is rooted in a genuine concern for those burdened by timeshare contracts. CCG is recognized for providing a safe, affordable, and streamlined process for timeshare cancellation. They cater to both new and long-term timeshare owners. With thousands of clients served, CCG boasts a successful track record, employing unique approaches and advanced technology to deliver results. CCG believes in the importance of legal expertise in the timeshare cancellation process, offering reliable results to their clients.

Date of Experience: June, 2023 – Ashlee (Google Review)

I found Consumer Consulting Group through a social media platform. After interacting with some of their content, they sent me a message and I explained my situation and that I wanted to cancel a timeshare that my husband and I purchased. They directed me to look through my paperwork to ensure I was in the rescission period for cancelation, and directed me to one of their videos on what documents to submit for cancelation, they also explained what I would need to ask for to ensure the cancelation was processed. They also responded to me when I had questions about the cancelation documents. I sent the documents out to the timeshare company and a few weeks later I received notice that our contract was canceled. I am so happy that I stumbled upon their page. They were so helpful even though I was not under any contract with them for their services. I greatly appreciate their communication and their expertise.

The company extends its services internationally and approves most timeshare resorts, showcasing a wide-reaching and inclusive approach. CCG is equipped to assist timeshare owners who have been misled, scammed, defrauded, or those facing economic hardships or needing help with negotiations after the death of an owner. “Defend, Recover, and Rebalance For The Future.” This statement highlights CCG‘s commitment to defending clients’ interests, recovering their financial stability, and helping them rebalance for a better future. CCG‘s vision is to aid every timeshare owner victimized by deceptive organizations. This underscores their dedication to tackling the widespread issue of deceptive practices in the timeshare industry.

━ The Services Offered

Consumer Consulting Group (CCG) provides an array of services centered around timeshare cancellation, emphasizing credit and debt management, and is dedicated to delivering exceptional service. Their motto, “Service before sales,” reflects their commitment to prioritizing client needs. Here’s a look at the services they offer:

➤ Timeshare Contract Cancellation & Transfers

CCG employs a proven strategy to cancel timeshare accounts globally. They handle timeshare contract cancellations under mutual terms, ensuring clients’ rights and interests are protected. The company negotiates resolutions for various timeshare-related accounts, including mortgages, credit cards, and paid-off timeshare contracts.

Specific Timeshare-Related Services

Timeshare Deed Preparation & Transfers: Handling the legal aspects of timeshare deeds, including preparation and transfer processes.
Consumer Credit & Public Records Management: Managing credit issues and public records related to timeshare contracts.
Timeshare Fraud Investigation & Claims Management: Investigating fraudulent timeshare activities and managing related claims.
Timeshare Credit Card, Bank Loan, Mortgage Disputes: Addressing disputes related to timeshare-related financial products.

➤ Credit and Risk Management

Consumer Consulting Group (CCG) demonstrates a robust commitment to credit and risk management by closely collaborating with USA Credit Counselors. This partnership enables them to effectively handle complex aspects of timeshare account disputes.

CCG thoroughly investigates timeshare account disputes to uncover any instances of fraud or misinformation. This process is crucial in identifying and rectifying inaccuracies that negatively impact clients’ credit reports. Expert negotiations are a cornerstone of their service, aimed at resolving disputes around timeshare accounts. This includes challenging erroneous charges and seeking amicable resolutions to outstanding debts. CCG actively defends clients against aggressive debt collection practices, particularly in scenarios involving deceptive company operations. This defense is vital for clients who have fallen prey to misleading sales tactics or outright scams. A significant part of their service involves cleaning up clients’ credit reports and public records. By removing fraudulent accounts and ensuring the accuracy of these records, CCG helps clients restore their financial credibility.

➤ Comprehensive Client Support

Recognizing the diverse needs of their clients, CCG offers free, no-obligation consultations. Potential clients can easily reach out through phone or an online web form to discuss their specific situations. CCG provides an innovative online client portal, a centralized platform where clients can monitor the progress of their cases. This portal facilitates direct communication with case managers, ensuring transparency and regular updates on case developments.

➤ Additional Services

CCG‘s service extends to offering 3-bureau credit monitoring, an essential tool for clients to stay informed about changes in their credit status, which is especially vital after resolving timeshare disputes. Understanding the risks associated with credit and financial transactions, CCG provides identity theft insurance, offering an added layer of security for their clients. The company’s scope of services encompasses the drafting and processing of legal documents. This includes the
preparation of critical documents like wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and title preparation, ensuring that clients’ legal needs are comprehensively addressed.

Specializing in financial negotiations and debt cancellation, CCG actively works to alleviate the financial burdens associated with timeshares. This includes negotiating with creditors and timeshare companies to settle or cancel outstanding debts, providing significant financial relief to clients. Beyond timeshare-specific services, CCG offers a range of legal support services, including civil case preparation and legal document processing, catering to the broader legal needs of their clients.

━ Client Experiences

The experiences of clients with Consumer Consulting Group (CCG) are varied, reflecting both the successes and challenges encountered in the timeshare cancellation process. Clients have acknowledged the comprehensive support provided by CCG, including credit monitoring, legal document assistance, and negotiation services. The availability of informative resources, such as e-books and articles, has been appreciated by clients looking to understand the timeshare cancellation process better.

Many clients have expressed satisfaction with CCG‘s ability to effectively cancel their timeshare contracts, appreciating the company’s approach and technology. Positive reviews often highlight CCG‘s consistent communication and the usefulness of their online client portal for tracking case progress. Clients have reported successful resolutions to their timeshare issues, including negotiations of debts and legal matters related to timeshares.

Date of Experience: March 24, 2023 – David D (BBB Review)

I was stuck in my contract even after explaining my situation in a letter to the timeshare company…my wife has Alzheimer’s and am paying $5000/mo for her care. I now have neither time nor money to travel but it didn’t seem to matter to the company. Consumer Consulting Group took over and within a few months I received a letter from the timeshare company that they accepted my membership back as balance paid in full. Needless to say I am very happy and pleased with the outcome. CCG had several staff involved but want to mention Kiki in particular. She was very responsive to my questions and provided status updates when she said she would. Thanks CCG!

Some clients have reported difficulties in communication, citing delays in responses or a lack of updates on their case progress. A common concern among less satisfied clients involves delays in the service, with some cases taking longer than initially expected to resolve. There have been instances where clients were unhappy about unexpected charges or issues with billing practices.

The effectiveness and speed of service seem to vary, with some clients achieving quick resolutions and others experiencing prolonged processes. Client experiences also differ based on individual needs and the complexity of their timeshare situation, ranging from straightforward cancellations to more complex legal disputes.

━ Closing Thoughts

Consumer Consulting Group presents itself as a comprehensive solution for timeshare exits, offering various services to assist clients. While there are positive testimonials about their efficiency and effectiveness, potential clients should also be aware of the negative experiences reported by some customers. As with any service of this nature, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, understand all terms and conditions, and consider all reviews and complaints before making a decision.

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