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Table of Contents

01. About Connor Law  South Carolina Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2011

02. Legal Expertise and Client-Centered SolutionsAV Preeminent® & BBB Accredited with Positive Online Client Reviews

03. The Pros and Cons – Specialized in Consumer Law and Timeshare Contracts, but Not a Full Service Cancelation Company

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Connor Law’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Connor Law is in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and they’re good at helping with difficult timeshare contracts. This law firm is like a light of hope because they really know their stuff and give great advice. They help people with issues about consumer protection, especially those trying to get out of timeshare agreements. This review will look closely at what Connor Law does. We’ll talk about how they always put their clients first, their deep legal knowledge, and how committed they are to fixing timeshare issues.

━ About Connor Law

Andrew M. Connor, who started Connor Law, has turned the firm into a significant player in the areas of consumer law and civil litigation, especially when it comes to timeshare disputes. This firm, based in South Carolina, has won many cases in cities like Charleston, Hilton Head, and Myrtle Beach. Their wins in court show they know a lot about the law and that they can be trusted to handle timeshare issues well. Connor Law really focuses on what each client needs. They create legal plans that fit each client’s unique situation perfectly. Whether they’re fighting against unfair timeshare practices or working to end a timeshare contract, Connor Law makes sure their efforts match what their clients want and expect.

Date of Experience: February 10, 2023 – James P.  (BBB Review)

If you are looking for a lawyer to assist you with your consumer law issues, Connor Law firm is where you should go. I called Andrew and told him our situation. He gave me some amazing advice, and even went as far as to draft a letter for us to send to the manufacturer we had an issue with. Once we heard from the company, Andrew advised us on the route we should take and what we should do. I honestly hope I’ll never need his services again, but if I do I am retaining him with no hesitation.

Communication is a key part of how Connor Law serves its clients. The firm makes sure to keep clients updated on every step of the legal process, from the first meeting to the final resolution of the case. They are dedicated to being transparent and supportive, creating a teamwork atmosphere where clients feel important and heard. This mix of personal care, careful legal strategy, and clear communication sets Connor Law apart in helping people exit their timeshares. It makes them a reliable partner for anyone trying to get through the complicated process of timeshare cancellation.

━ Legal Expertise and Client-Centered Solutions

Connor Law has many advantages to helping timeshare owners exit their contracts. First, they are well-respected in the legal world. They have earned the AV Preeminent® rating from Martindale-Hubbell, which is a high honor showing they are excellent at what they do. This rating comes from a careful review process and strongly supports their skills. It highlights their deep knowledge of the law, their ability to communicate clearly, and their dedication to doing things ethically. These qualities have made other lawyers respect and admire them.

Date of Experience: October 10, 2022 – Roderick M.  (BBB Review)

The Connor Law Firm handled my case quickly and efferently! I had no worries and felt confident following his instructions and all directions that was given. The case was cleared up in just a few days and I couldn’t be more thankful for selecting this Law Firm to handle my dilemma!

Picking Connor Law for your timeshare exit means you’re choosing a firm that really cares about its clients’ success and well-being. They pay close attention to every detail and work with a lot of compassion, making sure they miss nothing to get a good result. Connor Law does more than just solve legal problems; they work closely with you like a partner. They focus on understanding and solving the specific problems each client has, creating plans that are not just smart but also kind and thoughtful.

━ The Pros and Cons

Connor Law is a great option for anyone trying to get out of their timeshare contract. They offer expert advice, services that match your needs, and they’re honest. But, it’s smart to look at both the benefits and the downsides. Make sure this company is the right legal choice for what you need and what you want to accomplish by leaving your timeshare.

➤ Pros

Connor Law specializes in consumer law and construction issues, making them experts in timeshare contracts and related problems. Their knowledge is a big help in the complex task of exiting timeshares. They listen to what each client needs, creating legal plans that fit just right. This custom approach is key to solving the unique challenges and aims of leaving a timeshare contract. With a track record of success across the Lowcountry, from Myrtle Beach to Charleston to Hilton Head, Connor Law has shown they can solve timeshare disputes effectively. This builds trust in their legal abilities. Their top rating from Martindale-Hubbell proves they’re excellent in legal matters, communication, and ethics. This recognition makes clients trust them even more. Connor Law is dedicated to their clients, keeping them informed about their cases and answering all questions in detail.

➤ Cons

This company works with clients across South Carolina. If you’re from another state, you might need to travel to meet them or find a local lawyer instead. If your timeshare issues go beyond consumer law and construction defects, see if Connor Law has the right expertise for you. Also, think about the cost before you hire a lawyer. Understand Connor Law‘s fees and compare them to other timeshare exit options. Legal processes usually take time. If you want to fix your timeshare problems, be ready for it not to be quick. Remember this when looking at other, faster exit strategies that might not address everything. Ask Connor Law how much experience they have with timeshare exits specifically, not just all their legal work, to ensure they can manage your case well.

━ Closing Thoughts

If you’re in Mount Pleasant or anywhere in South Carolina and need to get out of a timeshare, this company is here to help. They’re experts in consumer and construction law, so they’re great at dealing with timeshare contracts. The team at Connor Law is all about clear communication, getting positive results, and making sure their clients are happy. No matter if you’re having trouble with a timeshare company or just want to leave, Connor Law is ready to help with their wide knowledge. They work to be clear and focus on what you need.

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