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Table of Contents

01. Company Profile and Services Georgia Based Timeshare Exit Company from 2020 to 2023

02. Client Testimonials and Online Presence – Positive Reviews on Website, but F Rating and Negative Feedback on BBB

03. Closure and Dissolution – Coast To Coast Holding Closed Their Doors in Late 2023

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Coast To Coast Holdings’ SNS & Overall Rating Review

Established in June 2020 and based in Buford, Georgia, Coast to Coast Holdings emerged as a significant entity in the timeshare exit industry. Initially, the company offered a broad spectrum of services designed to assist clients with the intricate process of timeshare cancellations, thereby positioning itself as a beacon of hope for those encumbered by unwanted timeshare contracts. However, as time progressed, the operations of Coast to Coast Holdings attracted scrutiny. This scrutiny was fueled, in part, by the mixed feedback received from clients and further exacerbated by a notably low rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Consequently, this review seeks to provide a deeper exploration of the company’s services, evaluate the spectrum of customer experiences, and examine the controversies that have come to define Coast to Coast Holdings.

━ Company Profile and Services

Coast to Coast Holdings, before its dissolution in September 2023, had established a comprehensive framework for addressing the needs of clients seeking to exit their timeshare contracts. Their service portfolio was extensive and tailored to navigate the complex landscape of timeshare agreements.

➤ Initial Consultation and Contract Assessment

Coast to Coast Holdings initiated their process with an initial consultation, assessing each client’s specific situation. This personalized approach enabled them to grasp the unique issues of each client’s timeshare. Following this, they conducted a detailed assessment of the timeshare contract to identify any unfair or burdensome clauses and determine the most effective exit strategy, tailored to the contract’s specific terms and conditions.

➤ Range of Services

Coast to Coast Holdings actively targeted clients burdened with timeshare mortgages. They worked on canceling these mortgages to relieve clients from their ongoing financial obligations associated with their timeshares. Coast to Coast Holdings recognized the legal complexities of timeshare contracts and maintained a team of attorney-partners for this purpose. These legal professionals were adept at handling intricate legal challenges and aimed to work towards the cancellation of contracts as needed. Their involvement became crucial, especially in cases where the timeshare agreements contained legal discrepancies or when unethical practices marred the sales process. Coast to Coast Holdings provided services to clients who preferred transferring their timeshare over outright cancellation. This service included negotiations with the timeshare resort or finding a third party willing to take over the timeshare. Their expertise was significant for clients who either preferred or were contractually obligated to transfer their timeshare.

➤ Approach to Timeshare Exits

Coast to Coast Holdings had a deep knowledge of the timeshare industry and contract law. They specialized in simplifying complex and binding timeshare agreements. Their focus included handling perpetuity clauses. These clauses often make exiting timeshares tough, as they can bind both the signatory and their heirs.

━ Client Testimonials and Online Presence

On their website, Coast to Coast Holdings features positive client testimonials, highlighting successful timeshare exits and expressing gratitude for the financial relief provided by the company’s services​​​​. These testimonials present a picture of a company capable of efficiently handling timeshare cancellations and providing significant support to its clients.

Date of Experience: May 14, 2021 – Christa H. (BBB Review)

This company continues to call individuals even when requested to stop calling. I would never recommend them or do business with them. Their agents are also rude and aggressive when I’ve asked to be removed.

Date of Experience: February 24, 2023 – Kevin M. (BBB Review)

I lost a substantial amount of money though this now-defunct company. After repeated assurances work was underway, all of a sudden no contact from them and unable to reach anyone I spoke with there. I hope a class-action lawsuit is filed against the fraudsters involved where we may be able to get some of this back. I’m thinking I probably paid a “stupid tax” on this endeavor, though.

Contrasting sharply with the positive reviews on their website, the BBB profile of Coast to Coast Holdings tells a different story. The company holds an F rating from the BBB, indicating serious concerns about its business practices​​. Customer reviews on the BBB site average 1.8 out of 5 stars, and there have been 10 complaints closed in the last 3 years, with 4 complaints in the last 12 months alone. The nature of these complaints ranges from issues with service delivery to concerns about the company’s responsiveness and honesty regarding its accreditation status​​.

━ Closure and Dissolution

The filing for dissolution of Coast to Coast Holdings in September 2023 is a pivotal event in the company’s history and raises several important considerations for both former and potential clients, as well as for the timeshare exit industry in general.

➤ Implications of Dissolution

Dissolution typically indicates a company is ceasing operations or undergoing a significant restructuring. For Coast to Coast Holdings, this could mean the complete termination of their services or a major overhaul of their business model and practices. For clients who were in the midst of their timeshare exit process with Coast to Coast, the dissolution might lead to uncertainty and potential disruption of services. It raises questions about the status of ongoing cases and the handling of clients’ legal and financial matters. The dissolution could have legal implications, especially for clients who have contracts or unresolved disputes with the company. Financially, there might be concerns about refunds, compensations, or outstanding payments.

➤ Potential Reasons for Dissolution

While the specific reasons for the dissolution of Coast to Coast Holdings have not been publicly disclosed, several factors could have contributed to this decision:

As reflected in the BBB reports and customer reviews, Coast to Coast Holdings faced significant client dissatisfaction and complaints regarding their services, responsiveness, and transparency. Such negative feedback can impact a company’s reputation and financial stability​​. The timeshare exit industry is competitive and challenging. The company’s business performance, influenced by market dynamics, client acquisition, and service effectiveness, could have played a role in the decision to dissolve. Companies in the timeshare exit sector often face complex legal and regulatory environments. Potential legal challenges or regulatory pressures could have contributed to the dissolution. Internal factors such as management decisions, operational inefficiencies, or financial mismanagement can also lead to a company’s dissolution.

➤ Advice for Affected Clients

Clients of Coast to Coast Holdings, especially those with ongoing cases, should seek legal advice to understand their position and rights following the company’s dissolution. They may need to consider alternative solutions for their timeshare exit needs and should be wary of potential scams or unreliable service providers in the wake of the company’s closure.

➤ Broader Industry Impact

The dissolution of Coast to Coast Holdings is also indicative of the volatile nature of the timeshare exit industry. It underscores the importance of thorough research, due diligence, and caution when selecting a service provider in this sector. The event could lead to increased scrutiny and possibly more stringent regulations in the industry to protect consumers.

━ Conclusion

Coast to Coast Holdings offers a multifaceted profile. On one hand, their website portrays a narrative of success and client-centric operations; however, on the other hand, external sources like the Better Business Bureau paint a contrasting picture, marked by customer dissatisfaction and operational challenges. Furthermore, the recent dissolution of the company introduces an additional layer of complexity. Consequently, individuals contemplating the use of Coast to Coast Holdings for timeshare exit services should proceed with caution. It is essential to conduct a thorough investigation into the company’s history and reputation, and to carefully consider the potential repercussions of its recent dissolution. In navigating any service within the timeshare exit industry, employing due diligence and caution is strongly recommended.

Below is a list of Coast To Coast Holdings social media, but it is unknown whether or not they are still being monitored:


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