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Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Wesley Financial Group works to help their clients eliminate any timeshare mortgages, or maintenance fees. They’ve been in business for almost ten years. Recently an article surfaced, discussing how Wesley Financial Group had grown the amount of timeshare cancellations they process. 

We see this as a good thing, considering they are temporarily suspended by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). That’s just us being totally transparent about Wesley Financial Group. We also want to remind current timeshare owners to stay vigilant when going through the process with any exit company.

Whether it be signing a contract, starting any form of conversation, or filling out forms. Always protect yourself from possible timeshare scams.

Wesley Financial Group’s Suspension: On 10/01/2019 the company’s BBB Accreditation was suspended. This was due to engaging in activities reflecting poorly on the BBB, or its current members. Situation to be reviewed by the BBB’s Board of Directors at their next meeting.

Update on Wesley Financial Group’s Suspension, February 20th, 2021: Wesley Financial Group has fixed their suspension with the BBB, but is still not accredited.

Reviews on Wesley Financial Group

In lieu of Wesley Financial Group’s recent suspension from the BBB, their company reviews are found to be very misleading.

Located on their website, they’ve created a tool that is meant to provide any current timeshare owners with the ability to comprehend the maintenance fee costs, which are experiencing inflation.

This tool is a way for timeshare owners to visualize their future with the timeshare and how it will be affecting them over time. Not only that, but when you are able to understand the amount of money going to be spent it may bring a change of perspective.

As most websites commonly have a page for frequently asked questions (FAQ), Wesley Financial Group doesn’t. We, as well as current timeshare owners i’m sure, would like to see a place where our common questions could be answered. 

Customer Reviews

Having an FAQ page provides more information and benefits to those who are still working to understand how the timeshare exit process works.

When reading through Wesley Financial Group reviews, it’s assumed that the company does both offer and honor a 100% money-back guarantee. However, having a money-back guarantee is usually a largely cheaper option than escrow.

With that in mind, we recommend that when you’re signing a contract with a timeshare exit company, that you always get everything in writing. This is a simple step that protects the owner through the future. Lowering their chances of running into problems.

The answer to whether or not Wesley Financial Group uses attorneys is very vague. We did however find from reviews, that the company will use the form of mailed letters to demand cancellation of timeshare companies contracts.

Though this could possibly benefit you, using an attorney will always be our first recommendation. Why? An attorney brings legal protection, over someone’s word. Providing extra cushion in any situation.

Website Review 

When looking at Wesley Financial Group’s website, two things catch our eye. First, there is a large focus on the company CEO. Second, the theme of the site is very modern and clean. 

Wesley Financial Group’s CEO, Chuck McDowell, is said to have gone against another large timeshare company, Wyndham. For reference, Wyndham is a large timeshare company. This is by their knowledge, stating that the two were up against each other in a lawsuit.

With further research, we learned that McDowell in fact won this lawsuit against Wyndham. All because he never disclosed trade secrets. Their website repeatedly speaks about how McDowell is willing to fight for consumers. Putting into perspective how forward the company is at having the client’s back.

When looking at their website, another stand out became the amount of reviews and video testimonials. As well as a whole page the company has designated for only their Trustpilot ratings/reviews.

This is something that caught our attention because a company can claim anything. But when there are multiple positive ratings and client reviews, it’s hard to deny the legitimacy of the company and their work. Especially with the amount of times you run into them on their site. No company who has anything to hide makes client reviews so available.

More to Consider With Wesley Financial Group

Typically, when cancelling a timeshare contract with Wesley Financial Group it can take from six, up to eighteen months for processing. This can depend on the developer of the timeshare.

Also note, the company doesn’t offer an option for escrow. Though they do rank well inside of the timeshare exit industry because of their 100% money-back guarantee offer that is in writing.

The timeshare exit industry holds a lot of scams. Allowing for a percentage of timeshare owners to become victims to those. Because of this, we once again want to emphasize the importance of getting everything in writing.

Protect yourself from all sides. Can you trust Wesley Financial Group? We recommend going through our in-depth review, as well as customer reviews before making that decision for yourself. Make sure they’re the timeshare exit company that matches your needs before making a drastic decision. 

Fees at Wesley Financial Group

While looking through their reviews, we’ve found that the fees at Wesley Financial Group definitely vary. With a few deciding factors they apply to meet a price: whether your timeshare contract is paid off, or whether you still owe on the mortgage. The cost will presumably be more if you do still owe on the mortgage compared to having it paid off.

With an average cost ranging from $4,000 to $7,000, we came to that conclusion after scanning a lot of reviews. When comparing their fee to those of other companies in the timeshare exit industry, it’s considered average.

In the higher range, there are some timeshare cancellation companies that charge $10,000 on average. That’s for timeshares that are already paid off. 

If you request a quote from Wesley Financial Group regarding their service fees, you should always counter the offer for a lower price. When it comes to any timeshare exit company, you should never settle for the first price they offer. They truly want your business, so haggling with them will usually end in a lower price for you.

Wesley Financial Group Ratings

Prior to having their ratings suspended by the BBB, Wesley Financial Group had an A+ rating with them. As well as a 5-star rating and 302 customer reviews that read positively. Portraying them as a really legitimate company.

With only having a few complaints prior to being suspended, they were all resolved almost immediately. Another good thing to take note of was their active Dun & Bradstreet rating. That’s always a good thing in our terms.

Now, as they are suspended by the BBB, we aren’t sure when they’ll officially get their accreditation back from the Better Business Bureau. In that case, we do suggest you take into account their ratings by them before signing any form of contract.

You should always give yourself that clarity as a timeshare owner before choosing to work with Wesley Financial Group.

Ratings Summarized

Considering their Trustpilot reviews, it’s clear that this company does complete the work they’re claiming to. 85% of Wesley Financial Group’s reviews on Trustpilot are five stars, that’s out of 294 total.

Multiple previous clients can be found saying, “WFG came through and completed the task they had promised.” 

When looking at their Yelp profile, they have a five star rating there. Also, we didn’t see any information suggesting scams or fraudulent behavior. That’s always a good sign.

Now, after extreme examination, we’ve given them a four point rating out of five. This is because Wesley Financial Group reviews are positive on every platform. 

We do know that timeshares can be a financial burden. This leads us to believe that our clients shouldn’t have to pay up-front fees. We also want to share that we realize paying to get out of a timeshare is also a huge burden and stress.

If Wesley Financial Group ever had to file for bankruptcy, not saying they will ever, but that 100% money-back guarantee they promise won’t be achievable. 

If you’re looking for an option that has extra protection, we suggest finding a company that offers an option for escrow. 

Now, visit Trustpilot for some examples of Wesley Financial Group reviews from clients who were happy with their service outcome.

In Conclusion

With a variety of ratings on all platforms, Wesley Financial Group seems to be a reliable timeshare exit company. We have found no signs of possible scams. 

Wesley Financial Group seems to always put clients before themselves and this suggestion can be supported by all of their positive Trustpilot reviews. 

Though, we do wish that the company used attorneys in their process, but once again it’s vague whether they do. The conclusion seems they don’t 

If you’re someone with an existing timeshare that carries hefty mortgage and maintenance fees, Wesley Financial Group should be able to assist you in permanently being rid of it.

We always do recommend timeshare owners choose to work with trustworthy timeshare exit companies. We also suggest they choose one that does offer an escrow option. 

With timeshare exit scams happening regularly, it’s important to gain knowledge and protect yourself from falling victim to one.