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Table of Contents

01. Background and Services of Bishop and Waters Consulting Group – California Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2018

02.  Website and Online Presence Overall Customer Testimonials and Reviews

03. Cost and Payment Options – Free Consultation, but Lacking Pricing Structure and Payment Option Information

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Bishop and Waters Consulting Group’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Bishop and Waters Consulting Group is located in Carlsbad, California. They are well-known in the timeshare exit industry. The company specializes in canceling and transferring timeshare contracts. They have been in business for six years. Their main goal is to help people by reducing the financial problems that come with owning a timeshare.

━ Background and Services of Bishop and Waters Consulting Group

Founded six years ago, Bishop and Waters Consulting Group has rapidly become a prominent figure in the timeshare exit industry. Based in Carlsbad, California, they have carved a niche in assisting clients with the complex process of timeshare contract cancellation and transfer. Their primary mission is to serve as a consumer advocacy group, focusing on easing the financial and contractual strains often associated with timeshare ownership.

The company’s expertise extends beyond simple contract termination. They have a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in the timeshare industry, which allows them to offer a more holistic approach to their clients. This includes navigating the often complicated legal and financial aspects of timeshare contracts, which can be a significant source of stress for owners looking to exit their agreements.


Bishop and Waters Consulting Group’s services are multifaceted. Apart from the core offering of contract cancellation and transfer, they provide a wealth of educational resources. This educational aspect is a critical component of their service model, as it empowers clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions. Their website features a detailed glossary of terms related to timeshares, which demystifies the often complex jargon used in the industry. This glossary is an invaluable resource for clients, helping them to understand the specifics of their contracts and the process of exiting them.

Additionally, the company maintains an informative blog that addresses a wide range of topics relevant to timeshare owners. These blog posts cover essential subjects such as identifying and avoiding timeshare scams, understanding the legal implications of timeshare ownership, and strategies for successful timeshare exit. These posts are not only informative but also serve as a testament to Bishop and Waters Consulting Group’s commitment to educating and supporting their clients throughout the timeshare exit process.

Date of Experience: January 7, 2021 – Cori F. (Yelp Review)

The team at B&W did what others had promised and failed to do; help us exit our timeshare! The fees were reasonable and they were extremely helpful and efficient. Don’t waste more time looking for other companies to help you exit your timeshare. Our attorney actually recommended them and we were not disappointed. You won’t be either.

Bishop and Waters Consulting Group does more than just cancel and transfer timeshare contracts. They also focus a lot on teaching their clients. This makes their approach to timeshare exit complete and centered on the client. They mix these services to show they stand up for consumers. This makes them a smart and reliable choice for people dealing with the difficulties of owning and leaving timeshares.

━ Website and Online Presence

The online presence of Bishop and Waters Consulting Group, particularly through their website, sets a positive tone for potential clients. The website boasts a user-friendly interface, which is immediately noticeable and appreciated by visitors. The design employs visual storytelling to great effect, utilizing a series of clean, well-transitioned photos that alternate between scenic landscapes and imagery of individuals seemingly weighed down by timeshare-related stress. This visual approach not only captures the visitor’s attention but also resonates with the emotional aspects of timeshare burdens.

Adding to the website’s appeal is a welcoming video, which serves to introduce the company and its values to visitors. This video, along with neatly organized website tabs, is strategically placed to guide visitors through the site, providing a structured and smooth navigation experience. The layout and design of the website are thoughtfully executed, ensuring that users can easily find the information they are looking for.

Date of Experience: 2019 – Alyssa Serena (Google Review)

I worked for Bonnie for a year and a half and have seen her in action . She genuinely wants to help in every way possible. She will not only help get you out of a situation you thought you couldn’t get out of , she will give you that breath of fresh hair and will hold your hand through it if need be. If you feel like you have been wronged by timeshare salesmen in the past, or have been robbed she is your woman to call.

However, while the website excels in its aesthetic appeal and user experience, it falls short in areas crucial for client engagement and education. The “About Us” and “Services” sections, which are typically pivotal in informing visitors about the company’s expertise, history, and range of services, lack substantial content. This shortfall is significant as these sections are often the first point of reference for prospective clients seeking in-depth information about the company’s capabilities and qualifications.

The lack of detailed content in these key sections could potentially hinder a visitor’s understanding of the full spectrum of services offered by Bishop and Waters Consulting Group. For individuals looking for comprehensive information on the company’s approach to timeshare cancellation, the specific expertise of its team, and the nuances of their service offerings, the website may not provide sufficient insights. This can lead to missed opportunities for the company in terms of client engagement and trust-building.

➤ Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Bishop and Waters Consulting Group gets a lot of good feedback from clients. Many positive testimonials are on their website. These are also backed up by reviews on sites like Google and the Better Business Bureau. Clients often praise the owner, Bonnie Kulka, for her personal care and hard work. They talk about how involved she is in helping them leave their timeshares and how she focuses on making clients happy. The fact that these good reviews are on different platforms makes them more believable. They show that the company really cares about its customers and works hard for good results.

━ Cost and Payment Options

When it comes to the financial aspects of their services, Bishop and Waters Consulting Group maintains some level of opaqueness. One of the initial offerings from the company is a free consultation, which is a positive start for potential clients looking to understand their options in the timeshare exit process. However, beyond this complimentary consultation, the specifics regarding their pricing structure are not readily transparent.

The company’s website and available information do not provide a clear outline of their fees or the availability of payment plans. This lack of clarity can be a point of concern for clients who need to budget and plan for the potential costs involved in timeshare cancellation services. In the world of timeshare exits, costs can vary significantly, and understanding these costs upfront is crucial for clients.

Date of Experience: March 14, 2023 – Deborah B. (BBB Review)

I just want to say thank you to the Bishop and Waters Consulting Group for helping me walk through dealing with a timeshare situation. They were absolutely professional and wonderful to work with. The greatest blessing was there honesty and the trust I felt with the group. I was able to reach my goal. Thank you again.******

Moreover, the company does not explicitly mention the use of escrow payments. Escrow payments are a critical element in the timeshare exit process, as they offer a layer of financial protection for clients. These payments ensure that funds are only released to the service provider once the timeshare contract is verifiably cancelled, adding a level of security and trust to the process. The absence of clear communication regarding escrow payments might leave clients uncertain about the financial safeguards in place during their timeshare exit journey.

For clients considering the services of Bishop and Waters Consulting Group, it would be beneficial to directly inquire about these financial details during their initial consultations. Gaining clarity on the fee structure, the possibility of payment plans, and the use of escrow payments will allow clients to make more informed decisions and ensure that their financial interests are adequately protected throughout the process.

━ Conclusion

Bishop and Waters Consulting Group is a reliable choice in the timeshare exit industry. This is shown by the positive feedback from customers and their experienced leaders. However, their website could be better. It needs more information about their services, team, and prices. Because of this, people interested in their services should use the free consultation they offer. This is a good chance to learn more about what the company does and talk about money matters. The company really focuses on making customers happy. This is clear from the very positive reviews they get. This makes them a good choice for people who need help with timeshare exits.

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