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Table of Contents

01. Getting to Know American Settlement Services A Missouri Based Timeshare Termination Company Since 2013

02. Terminating Your Timeshare: How American Settlement Services Can Assist 100% Obligation Free Consultation

03. Going Over the Pros and Cons –  Specialized Expertise Offered, but Lacking BBB Accreditation / Strong Ratings

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to American Settlement Services’ SNS & Overall Rating Review

Navigating the world of timeshares can be a challenging endeavor. On one hand, timeshares promise luxurious vacations and an escape from the routine. On the other hand, they often come attached with complex contracts, recurring fees, and unexpected obligations. For those seeking to understand or potentially exit their timeshare commitments, companies like American Settlement Services have emerged, offering services to guide and assist. Before diving into the specifics of what this company offers, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of its background, its leadership, and the broader context in which it operates.

Let’s take a moment to examine this company’s background and its touted exit process.

― Getting to Know American Settlement Services

In the intricate world of timeshares, where properties often come with recurring and sometimes unexpected expenses, American Settlement Services positions itself as a guide and support system for timeshare owners. The inherent costs of timeshares, including property taxes, maintenance fees, and mortgages, can overshadow the initial appeal of such investments. Catering to a range of clients, from those new to the timeshare scene to seasoned owners managing multiple properties, American Settlement Services offers assistance tailored to individual needs and circumstances. Their primary objective isn’t the resale of timeshares but helping clients navigate their contracts and, if desired, facilitating an exit.

Date of Experience: 2018 – Pat Christensen (Google Review)

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Michael Miles as well as the rest of the American Settlement Services for their invaluable help terminating my time share relationship in a quick, convenient, and cost effective manner. I have tried other avenues before (including other companies that advertise relief) but none have ever been able to execute. You deserve 10 stars, but only 5 were available. All my best, Pat

A notable figure behind the operations of American Settlement Services is CEO Michael Miles. Miles’ influence in the timeshare exit industry isn’t limited to just this company. He concurrently serves as the CEO of Nationwide Settlement Solutions, another entity assisting timeshare owners. Both these companies are based out of Springfield, Missouri, and under Miles’ leadership, they aim to offer clarity, options, and structured pathways for those wanting to understand or alter their positions in the complex world of timeshare ownership. If interested in learning more about Michael Miles‘ other timeshare exit company, read our Nationwide Settlement Solutions review.

― Terminating Your Timeshare: How American Settlement Services Can Assist

The timeshare industry, with its intricate contracts and commitments, often leaves many owners seeking clarity and solutions. A typical timeshare contract binds two or more parties to an agreement, allowing for shared property use during specific periods. Despite the common belief that such contracts are immutable, there are legal avenues available for contract termination. Stepping into this realm is American Settlement Services, offering guidance and services for those wanting to navigate their timeshare contracts.

Date of Experience: 2019 – Bob M (Google Review)

I attended an American Settlement meeting in January 2019. The information they presented about timeshares was eye opening and I was a little apprehensive about spending even more money on my timeshare. There representatives made me feel comfortable and told me all the costs involved. I decided to give them a try and 6 months later I was out of my timeshare. I am so grateful and relieved. I will recommend them to my family and friends. American Settlement, you are 5 star to me. Thanks again for all your help👍.

Here’s a look at what they bring to the table:

● Customer-Centric Approach

This company places a high emphasis on customer interactions. Aware of the challenges and concerns many face in the timeshare industry, they offer assistance against potential pitfalls and guide clients through the intricate web of resort contracts. Their services span the entirety of the process, from initial consultation to final steps, with a team versed in the nuances of the industry.

● Consultative Services

Recognizing the individuality of each timeshare scenario, they provide consultations tailored to the client’s unique situation. Whether a client is grappling with a timeshare that still has outstanding mortgage payments, one that’s fully paid off, or one acquired under potentially misleading circumstances, American Settlement Services aims to shed light on the situation. Their consultations are geared towards information dissemination, ensuring clients understand their options.

● Industry Knowledge

American Settlement Services positions itself as a knowledgeable player in the field. With a focus on consumer protections and the specifics of timeshare contract cancellations, they aim to make the process more transparent and understandable. Their commitment is to keep clients informed throughout the timeshare cancellation journey.

In essence, American Settlement Services operates as a guide for those navigating the multifaceted world of timeshare contracts, aiming to provide clarity, options, and solutions for those looking for ways to address their timeshare commitments.

― Going Over the Pros and Cons

While American Settlement Services offers specialized expertise and a comprehensive approach under experienced leadership, potential clients should be aware of the concerns surrounding BBB accreditation, specific warnings issued, and the potential conflicts arising from dual leadership.

Date of Experience: November 17, 2020 – Jay H (BBB Review)

I have received two calls from American Settlement Services. Both times, the initial conversation with the person calling was pleasant and informative. Both times, Renota ****** got on the phone after the caller had made initial contact and tried to bully me into accepting an invitation to a conference about selling my timeshare. Both times, Renota’s belligerent attitude turned me off. When I asked for more information, she didn’t want to tell me anything. In both cases, she hung up on me. The company might be more successful if they kept her off the phone. I will not be doing business with this company.

▶ Pros

● Specialized Expertise

American Settlement Services showcases specialized proficiency in the realm of timeshares. This laser-focused approach means they’re deeply familiar with the unique challenges and nuances timeshare owners face.

● Comprehensive Approach

Unlike some outfits that may just be out to broker resale, this company offers a more encompassing service. They help clients navigate the often labyrinthine terms of their contracts and provide avenues for potential exits.

● Experienced Leadership

The leadership of Michael Miles, a seasoned figure in the timeshare exit industry, gives the company a robust foundation. His dual role in helming both American Settlement Services and Nationwide Settlement Solutions suggests significant experience in this specific domain.

▶ Cons

● Potential Conflict of Interest

Michael Miles‘ simultaneous leadership of two timeshare exit companies could raise eyebrows. Prospective clients might wonder about potential overlaps or conflicting interests between American Settlement Services and Nationwide Settlement Solutions.

● Lack of BBB Accreditation

Neither of Michael Miles‘ companies, American Settlement Services nor Nationwide Settlement Solutions, holds accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). For some, this could be a red flag in terms of credibility and trustworthiness.

● BBB Warning for Nationwide Settlement Solutions

The BBB has issued a cautionary note about Nationwide Settlement Solutions. The warning cites a recurring pattern of consumer complaints, highlighting alleged failures in honoring sales contracts, issuing refunds, canceling contracts, and offering clear communication. Additionally, there are concerns about misleading sales presentations and subpar customer service. This might cast a shadow over American Settlement Services by association, given the shared leadership.

― Closing Thoughts

Timeshares, with their allure of perennial vacation havens, often beckon many a consumer. Yet, as the allure fades, replaced by mounting expenses and binding contracts, the need for a means of escape grows more pronounced. This company presents itself as a solution for those ensnared in the timeshare web, promising guidance, clarity, and, most crucially, a way out. With its specialized services and experienced leadership, it seems poised to cater to the needs of timeshare owners. However, like every coin with two sides, potential clients must weigh the company’s expertise against concerns raised by the lack of BBB accreditation and warnings associated with its sister company. As with any financial decision, due diligence and thorough research are paramount. In the intricate dance of timeshares and their associated challenges, knowledge remains a potent weapon, and companies like American Settlement Services are part of the broader arsenal available to consumers. Whether they are the right fit is a decision that requires careful consideration, armed with all available information.

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