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Table of Contents

01. About American Resort Services Nevada Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2021

02. Customer-Centric Services Timeshare Termination Options for Victims of Fraud. Misrepresentation, and Breach of Contract

03. Client Experiences and Feedback – BBB Accredited and Limited but Overall Positive Customer Reviews

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to American Resort Services’ SNS & Overall Rating Review

In the competitive arena of timeshare exit companies, American Resort Services (ARS) notably shines, thanks to its blend of legal acumen, commitment to ethical practices, and a deeply ingrained focus on serving its clients’ needs. Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, ARS has rapidly ascended as a guiding light for timeshare owners desperate to extricate themselves from contracts they no longer desire. Furthermore, this article embarks on a detailed exploration of ARS‘s multifaceted operations, spotlighting the breadth of its services, the experiences of its customers, and the significant impact it achieves on behalf of its client base. Through this journey, the narrative seamlessly transitions to underscore how ARS distinctively carves its niche, reinforcing its stature as a pivotal player in its field.

━ About American Resort Services

American Resort Services (ARS) actively assists timeshare owners who wish to exit their burdensome contracts, leveraging a profound understanding of the timeshare market’s complexities and the legal avenues for contract termination. ARS distinguishes itself with a unique and specialized service, underscored by a bold guarantee: the firm promises a full refund to clients if it fails to terminate or modify a timeshare interest within 24 months. This guarantee, notably bold due to ethical constraints that usually deter law firms from making specific outcome promises, serves as a strong testament to ARS‘s confidence in their track record and commitment to client success.

ARS acknowledges the process of obtaining timeshare relief as both lengthy and complex but backs its services with a proven track record, reflecting a firm belief in its ability to secure favorable outcomes. So confident is ARS in its abilities that it offers clients a full refund of all fees should it not achieve the desired termination or modification within the allotted timeframe. This policy highlights ARS‘s dedication to accountability and client satisfaction, ensuring no financial loss to the client should the firm not deliver the promised results.

Date of Experience: March 24, 2022 – Barbara and Frank M. (BBB Review)

My husband and I purchased a timeshare in 2018 through Marriott vacations for $52,000 We only used it one time in 2019 and after that we could never get the vacations we wanted. In 2020 we had to settle for a location we didn’t want just to be able to use it. On that trip we attended a member update to teach us how to better use it and they told us we had to upgrade to guarantee the locations we wanted, so we did. After we upgraded for another $17,000 we tried desperately to book Orlando one year in advance to take our granddaughter to Disney World for her 17th birthday in July and could not get booked in. We ended up going but we had to pay out of pocket. We wasted so much money on this timeshare ****. They sold us a bunch of lies. I found this company, they were very professional and very informative. The attorneys accepted our case with NO MONEY DOWN, they kept in touch with us every so often and 10 months later we received a call from our attorney stating Marriott is willing to let you out of your timeshare with a 70% refund, we said we accept the offer and just wanted out of this mess. They sent us some papers to be notarized and sent back. About a month after we signed we received our refund check. If you are considering this company to help you get out of a timeshare, DO IT!! They are great.

ARS actively goes beyond just ending timeshare contracts. They commit to closely collaborating with timeshare owners to lighten the financial load that comes with owning a timeshare. ARS boasts a 100% success rate in canceling timeshare contracts, ensuring the cancellation of each case they take on. Their strategy not only aims to cut down timeshare debt but also to provide the support needed for owners to fully escape their timeshare obligations.

The unmatched expertise ARS possesses stems from decades of experience in canceling timeshares. This wealth of experience affords them access to a wide array of resources, enabling them to tackle nearly any issue related to timeshares and potentially saving their clients a substantial amount of money. The firm prioritizes offering personalized service, customizing their assistance to meet the unique needs and situations of every client. This tailored service is reinforced with a 100% written money-back guarantee, cementing ARS‘s commitment to ensuring their clients’ satisfaction and peace of mind.

━ Customer-Centric Services

American Resort Services, LLC (ARS) improves how it serves clients by deeply understanding the timeshare industry, especially when it comes to helping people get out of their timeshare agreements. ARS really focuses on helping timeshare owners by customizing its help for the specific problems and challenges each owner faces with their unwanted timeshare contracts. ARS knows a lot not only about the legal parts of canceling a timeshare but also about how timeshare companies work to keep their contracts in place.

➤ Comprehensive Services for Every Situation

ARS stands out because it offers many different services to help people with their timeshare problems. It doesn’t matter if clients still owe money on their timeshare or have paid it off; ARS promises to help them get out of their contracts. Timeshare companies respect ARS because it is good at getting the results its clients want.

➤ Expertise in Timeshare Relief

The company’s prowess extends beyond mere cancellation services. ARS‘s team, comprised of highly experienced attorneys, has a proven track record in addressing timeshare fraud cases, demonstrating a deep understanding of the deceitful practices some developers may employ. By debunking the often misleading narrative that it is too late for owners to seek an exit from their timeshare contracts, ARS provides a beacon of hope for many who feel trapped.

➤ Navigating Fraud, Misrepresentation, and Breach of Contract

ARS is really good at handling cases where there’s been fraud, lying, or when someone breaks a contract. This is a big problem for people with timeshare contracts. When it comes to fraud, ARS works to show when someone has lied on purpose to harm their client. They also deal with cases where people were tricked into signing contracts based on lies, helping to cancel those contracts and maybe even get money back for their clients. If someone doesn’t do what they promised in the contract, ARS helps there too. They help show that the contract was broken to end the contract or get compensation for their client.

American Resort Services, LLC (ARS) is well-known for its focused approach to helping people cancel their timeshare contracts. They offer many services that meet the unique needs of timeshare owners. This shows ARS‘s deep commitment to making their clients happy and successful. ARS is especially good at handling cases where people were misled, deceived, or the contract was broken. This makes ARS an important helper for those trying to understand the complicated timeshare market. They provide personalized help and know a lot about the legal and specific challenges of the industry. ARS gives its clients a trusted and effective way to get out of their timeshare contracts. This is a key part of their service that focuses on the customer.

━ Client Experiences and Feedback

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has accredited ARS, awarding it an A+ rating. This distinction speaks volumes about the company’s reliability, trustworthiness, and the quality of service it provides. Accreditation by such a respected entity as the BBB, since October 26, 2022, adds a layer of credibility and reassurance for potential clients. The BBB’s profile for ARS highlights customer reviews and complaints, offering valuable insights into the company’s operations and client experiences.

Date of Experience: October 29, 2022 – Patrick C. (BBB Review)

This company was very professional and very fast getting me out of my timeshare and over $80,000 in timeshare debt. My wife passed away a year ago and I just had no more use for it. I’m in my late 80’s and retired. Having timeshare debt at my age and not traveling anymore is just not worth it. Their legal department kept in touch with me every step of the way. They even monitored and protected my credit rating at no cost to me each month after I stopped making payments to my timeshare company. I am very satisfied with their services. I give this company a 10 for sure.

Client feedback, as seen on the BBB‘s website, overwhelmingly praises ARS for its effectiveness in facilitating timeshare exits. Customers appreciate the company’s transparent communication, professionalism, and the tangible results achieved. Positive reviews often highlight the relief and financial savings experienced by clients, further reinforcing ARS‘s reputation as a leading provider of timeshare exit services.

━ Closing Thoughts

In the world of companies that help people leave their timeshare contracts, American Resort Services (ARS) is a top choice. At the start, ARS builds its strength on strong legal knowledge. This strength grows with their focus on putting clients first. Together, these qualities lead to their ongoing success. ARS is like a light of hope for people stuck in tough timeshare deals. Its good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and many positive reviews make people trust ARS more. This makes ARS a go-to for canceling timeshare deals. So, for anyone facing timeshare troubles, ARS is a reliable and helpful friend, helping them find both financial and emotional relief.

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