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The Abrams Firm reviews are for the most part positive.  It is somewhat difficult to come by reviews from the people who have hired The Abrams Firm; there aren’t many in existence.

However, one thing we did appreciate is that The Abrams Firm doesn’t attempt to sell you by adding tons of customer reviews to their website. Our team advises timeshare owners to not be fooled by company sites loaded up with five-star reviews that you’re not exactly sure if they’re real.

As we reviewed The Abrams Firm website, one thing we noticed immediately was that their URL is TimeshareLawFirm.com. Seems like they strive to being the end all be all of law firms to address timeshare exciters. Something we truly like is they spread out what you ought to anticipate from them promptly on the presentation page. They used to be altogether pro-bono for low-income customers. Presently their counsels are still pro-bono, with flat fees starting at $1000.

Their ‘About Us’ segment is much more noteworthy as it is isolated into different segments. They have their main section with regards to their main goal and why this business is so imperative to them. In addition, there are two lawyer profiles, their set of experiences in consumer protection, and afterward some data about their buyer assurance lawyers.

The Abrams Firm did an excellent job displaying the profiles of two of their attorneys on staff.  Mr. John Abrams himself and his Partner Kathryn Bosse where the ones mentioned. Their qualifications are spread out exhaustively from their Licensure to their Education and where they’ve polished or tutored. This is consoling for those looking for timeshare exits as they probably are aware their agreements are in qualified hands.

They guarantee to put individuals first and have invested their energy securing timeshare owners and safeguarding them against those resorts that would try to exploit them. The Abrams Firm purportedly make a huge effort to achieve their objectives also. They likewise try to guarantee potential clients that they aren’t a scam organization, and you will not get undesirable calls or shaky guarantees.

The Abrams Firm declares that their clients are completely educated regarding their privileges and the game-plans the firm will take. This cost is settled upon before any help is given and the customer realizes what’s in store for them. No secret charges or absence of correspondence. You talk straightforwardly to the attorneys dealing with your case rather than salesmen or case managers who don’t have a clue about your case.

They have a tremendous information base segment that gives top to bottom data about virtually every timeshare and timeshare exit question you may have. In the event that you have any further inquiries you can look at their blog for more profound clarifications and further exploration.

Overall if you scrutinized their experience and certifications, you could look at their contact sheet. This will assist you with reaching out to them and you can detail the data about your resort and why you’re calling them.

While we can’t say they are the ideal choice to go with to help cancel your timeshare, they are perhaps the most forthright firm we’ve seen. They spread out what’s in store the extent that charges go. However, we must keep in mind that they don’t offer an escrow payment option and an up-front charge is required.


Abrams Firm Cost & Fees

We like how forthright and legit The Abrams Firm is by all accounts concerning the amount you ought to hope to spend.

They declare that there are no up-front fees and that customers ought to hope to pay a $1000 level expense at least however they won’t ever charge more than $4000 for any case. They guarantee there are no secret charges and that installments are just taken once it is sure they will actually want to assist you with your agreement.

If you owe a mortgage on your timeshare, the cost will be higher. After our team read through past reviews, and examining their website thoroughly, past customers stated their fees range from $1000-$4000. This range is relatively common in the timeshare industry. Still, we recommend you haggle the price with The Abrams Firm.

In vain, $1000 to $4000 is by all accounts a sensible fee for a timeshare cancellation.


Abrams Firm Ratings

Update October 1, 2021: They have an “A+”-rating on The Abrams Firm BBB page with a 5-star rating out of 3 reviews. Yet they likewise have 3 Google reviews that are 1-star. This where we began to question the authenticity of the company’s customer feedback.

The two 5-star reviews are clear. They convey a few insights concerning the firm being not difficult to work with and that they were given the outcomes they had expected while working with them. Due to this situation, we have given the company a 3.5/5.0 MyTER Rating.

The 1-star reviews offer an alternate point of view than we’ve seen up until now. One of them asserts that their cash was taken, and they weren’t spoken with thereafter. And another says that they encourage you to accomplish more examination and they accept there might be unprofessionalism and crime.

While we don’t have anything to back up these claims. so far, The Abrams Firm gave off an impression of being reputable. Still, we do consistently encourage you to do your own due diligence before you utilize a firm or organization to assist you with exitting your timeshare. It is significant that you trust the organization you will put cash towards. And that you have a grip on their credibility and capacity to assist you with your timeshare cancellation.


Final Thoughts

While they may not be the totally ideal answer for everybody, The Abrams Firm offers profoundly trustworthy and supportive alternatives for those looking for a quick and reasonable exit from their timeshare.

Their attorneys have all the earmarks of being committed to giving assistance to the people who have been cheated and defrauded by deceitful timeshare developers. The data they offer in huge numbers on their site genuinely seems like they would help most unsure timeshare exiters with consuming inquiries they may be having.

They likewise give a careful portrayal of their attorneys’ qualifications, so you know precisely who is helping you and where they got their experience. However, there are a few vulnerabilities to the extent whether their valid appearance is true, including their lack of customer reviews. The modest number of reviews split down the center between great and awful.  The Abrams Firm also does not offer escrow, meaning you must pay up-front. This does increase the risk on the timeshare owner; therefore, we cannot recommend them.

Contact our team so we can help you find and determine if a timeshare exit company is legitimate. We recommend working with timeshare exit companies that offer escrow, so you pay no up-front fees. Know your legal right so you can exit your timeshare contract legally. Read over our website, fill out the form on the right, or contact us through Live Chat for a free informational consultation.