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Timeshare exit companies offer an invaluable service to those looking to end their ownership or responsibility of a timeshare property.

However, choosing a legitimate, certified company is essential for avoiding fraud and scams.

It can be difficult to spot signs of fraud, but there are some red flags that can alert the consumer to potential scams.

This post outlines the common warning signs of fraudulent timeshare exit companies so those searching for a trustworthy provider know what to look for.


It is important to always look for a timeshare exit company that is regulated and licensed in the state you reside in.

This helps to ensure that the company is following all the legal regulations and guidelines for operating such a business. Avoiding companies that are not properly certified could leave you vulnerable to fraud or other unlawful practices.

Make sure to do your research and confirm that your chosen provider has the proper credentials before signing any agreements with them.

Upfront Fee

Never pay an upfront fee when searching for a timeshare exit company. It is illegal for companies to ask for payment before services have even been rendered, and any company that does so should be avoided as it is indicative of fraud.

Do your research ahead of time to ensure the provider has the required credentials and licenses, and always double-check with local authorities if you are unsure.

No Refunds

Never agree to use a timeshare exit company that does not offer some form of a money-back guarantee. This could be a sign that the company is engaging in fraudulent activity, and it is best to avoid them altogether.

Always double-check with local authorities if you are unsure about the credibility of your chosen provider, and make sure you understand their refund policies before committing to any agreements with them.

Outdated Practices

Be wary of companies that use outdated or suspicious methods to adjust payments or provide services to help with your situation. These can include offering buyouts or deferment options that are not legal.

Always ensure the company you use is up-to-date with relevant laws and regulations, and double-check their processes with local authorities if you feel something is off.

Poor Customer Service

Reputable companies always prioritize customer service and should be responsive to any questions you might have about their services before engaging them as your provider.

Poor customer service can indicate an unreliable or untrustworthy provider, so make sure to research your chosen company thoroughly before investing in them.

It is important to ask questions and get clarification when dealing with a potential timeshare exit company, and make sure you feel comfortable with the answers they provide.

Hidden Costs

Watch out for hidden costs or fees when dealing with providers of services. Make sure to ask about any potential additional fees before engaging an organization, and ask for a detailed breakdown of what is included in the service.

It is important to be aware that some companies may try to add on extra costs after the initial agreement has been made, so it’s essential to ensure all costs are outlined in clear detail before entering into any contract.

No Legal Representation

A reputable timeshare exit company should always have established legal representation available to provide advice if needed.

However, customers should never be forced into using the services of legal representatives without fully understanding what they entail and at what cost.

This ensures that customers are aware of what is involved and can make a well-informed decision about whether to engage with their services or not.

When seeking to exit a timeshare, it is important to be aware of the potential warning signs of a fraudulent company.

Be wary of companies that offer to buy your timeshare or promise fast results; if it sounds too good to be true, then it likely is.

Furthermore, pay close attention to any additional costs not discussed at the outset, and don’t sign any contracts before reading them in full.

Ultimately, use caution when dealing with any organization offering timeshare exit services and do some research into the company before proceeding.