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How Does Timeshare Exiting and Cancellation work?

Timeshare exit simply refers to the termination of your timeshare contract. It is a legal way of getting out of timeshare maintenance fees, usually after negotiations with a resort or timeshare developer fail. Please, consider speaking with your resort or timeshare developer before employing the service of a timeshare exit company.

When you hire a timeshare exit company to help get rid of your timeshare contract, the company’s lawyers contact your resort or developer to notify them of the company’s involvement in the contract.

Typically, what follows is a letter from the timeshare exit company to your resort or developer to stop them from demanding maintenance fees from you. Afterward, the timeshare exit company makes a case for the cancellation of your timeshare contract, which takes 3 to 12 months. Kindly note that the success or otherwise of your timeshare termination case is determined by the expertise of the timeshare exit company.

Is Timeshare Exiting a Scam?

No doubt, scamming is the main challenge facing the timeshare exit industry. However, there are numerous legitimate timeshare exit companies. Most of these companies have a track record of success in timeshare cancellation, and they often use the escrow payment option or accept the low upfront fees. Beware of timeshare cancellation companies that request high or full upfront payment to avoid been scammed.

Cost of Timeshare Exiting

No timeshare exit company discloses their service fee on their website. Hence, it is difficult to say how much a company charges for timeshare exiting. To find this out, book a free consultation session with the company you want to hire and ask questions about the cost of the company’s service after explaining your case. This is because the nature and complexity of your timeshare case affect your bill.

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